Character Info:

A super warrior from another world, feared by demons, also a super hunter who uses multiple weapons to travel through the battleground.


Jumps to the last row and uses BFG-9000 to create an energy sphere that moves slowly forward, dealing damage to enemy who touches it.

Blood Punch: Punch the enemy in front and deal tons of damage.

Super Shotgun: Increase Damage. Shoot Shotgun as basic attack which deals damage to a small area. It takes time to reload after every several shots.

Praetor Suit: Enter battle with a shield that absorbs damage for some time, undispellable. Each enemy slain restores HP and creates the shield if the previous one is gone. Existing shield provides Resistance.

Get ready to fight demons from hell!
Hold on! How can you fight without a weapon?
I haven't finished yet! You also need to switch to appropriate weapon modification!
An empty slot? Doom Slayer: Let me smash the demons!
Demon: Here comes the Doom Slayer! Run!