An Overseer Prepares - Development for Vault Dwellers


As a good Overseer, you must know everything about your Dwellers.

As it is known to all, each Dweller plays their own role in the Vault, some are adept in production, some in combat, while others in both or neither. A good Overseer must learn everything about their Dwellers. Observe the perks of Dwellers to see what they're capable of.

For resource producing Dwellers, upgrading their tools is critical to improving their production capabilities. A Vault short on resource optimization devices can not feed their whole family without effective production tools. Remember, the level of tools is not limited by that of the Dwellers.

For Dwellers with more fight in them, you should enhance their combat power by increasing their combat level. Training rooms allow Dwellers to gain combat levels at the cost of food.

A strong horse deserves a firm saddle. Do not cast aside the scraps you scavenge from wild Incidents. In the Fallout series, scraps, a key resource, can be used to upgrade items and equipment. Properly arming your Dwellers is the best plan, scraps can help!

Now let's look at how to upgrade a Dwellers' perks. Never underestimate perks since they play a key role in increasing a Dweller's combat power. Shooting Ranges allow Dwellers to hone their perks at the cost of water.

Last, but not least are attachments These give a boost to a Dwellers' power. They have various sets and combinations that can also turn the tables in a tough fight. Overseers, you should try to equip the right Dweller with proper attachments.

Now that you possess tough soldiers, you should select and combine your Dwellers to create a strong squad. Dwellers have 4 classes: Healer, Tank, Shooter, and Support that play their own roles in combat.
You can try different preferred squads according to your mood. You can create a casual squad with 2 tanks and 2 healers when you're in for more relaxation or an aggressive one with 5 shooters when feeling more feisty. It's all up to you.

We hope this will help you become an excellent Overseer!