The Glowing Sea Season 4


The Glowing Sea Season 4 - Total Conflict is Coming Soon!

Continuing the story of the first 3 chapters, this time the Overseers follows Nick and Deacon to explore the treasures hidden in the depths of the Glowing Sea. In the event, the Overseers will not only encounter old friends from the Wasteland, but also some new and some familiar foes! You are again outnumbered by enemies so… stay strong and acquire all treasure and loot during this event!
The event introduces the new [Conqueror Points] currency. Overseers will be able to claim item rewards whenever the points reach a specified number as opposed to spending it. Overseers, get ready to show your skills to prove yourselves! A new adventure beyond the Vault awaits!

====== The Glowing Sea Season 4 - Total Conflict ======

[Start Time]: As soon as Season 3 ends
[Requirements]: Vault level 19
[Rewards]: Kinds of Resource Supply / Kinds of Equipment Upgrade Material / Superb Attachment Upgrade Material / Pet Box / SSR Dweller Poster Box / SR Dweller Poster Box / Glowing Sea Walker Avatar / Mirelurk Queen avatar / Nuka-Cola Tokens / Z2-47 Costume - First Generation Courser / Kellogg Costume - Mr. Bandit

*Gold Souvenir Coin of Season 3 will be wiped once Season 4 starts. Please spend in time.